About HMBC

The HMBC (Huddersfield Muslim Burial Council) was set up over 30 years ago by members of the community to serve the Muslim community in Huddersfield and Elland. HMBC is a voluntary organisation that provides a full burial service from liaising with a family on initial notice of a death, receiving the body, liaising with the Coroner’s office, bathing, shrouding, burial prayer at the masjid and burial in the cemetery.


We work with every masjid in the surrounding locality and with all of the local burial committees to ensure that the service we provide meets the needs of the Muslim community. This involves consultation with Kirklees Council and other bodies like the Coroner’s Office. We aim to maintain an empathetic service of a very high standard, respecting the bereaving families’ wishes and requests as far as possible according to Islamic traditions.


What makes us different from services provided by normal undertakers? All of the volunteers devote their time for the sake of Allah without payment. HMBC is a charitable organisation and does not make a profit. Each burial takes around 5 hours of time from each volunteer. There is a small charge made for materials and contribution towards the upkeep of the hearse. Non-voluntary Muslim undertakers can charge around £600 for a basic burial service.