Press Release: Increase in burial fees by Kirklees Council – October 2017

Kirklees council recently proposed a business case with a completely new pricing structure for burials in the region. These costs accumulated to a minimum of 85% increase in burial fees. Maintaining the current level of service that is provided over a 5 year period could lead to a 150% increase over the next 5 years.

This is discriminatory to any member of the community in Kirklees that wishes for their loved ones to be buried, particularly when compared to absolutely no proposed improvements to the service provided by Kirklees Council. These proposed changes to burials appear further discriminatory when compared to just a 12% increase to cremation services proposed over the identical 5 year period.

We understand that a nominal rise in prices that reflects inflation is normally proposed and implemented year on year. However, the new proposal that we oppose as a community was framed around competition, level of service and meeting operational costs; yet it is completely contrary to this ethos from an economic and moral perspective.

We strongly urge Kirklees Council to open this discussion with members of all faith groups and communities to ensure a reasonable rise in prices is justified and only implemented alongside a comparable improvement in service.

Actions by Kirklees Council have undermined the strength of the local community and have left the Council with a lot to do to regain the trust of their community and constituents.

Huddersfield Muslim Burial Council
18th October 2017